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Good day to you, Jobo.

I got a Jobo CPA 2 roller processor from a guy on Craigslist who had looted it from a newspaper some years back.  I was doing C-41 in a rubbermaid container with fish tank heaters before, so the automation and fine-grained controls of the Jobo are a welcome improvement. After one day, and one roll, […]

Konair 35 Insides

This is a Konair 35 rangefinder featuring a 45mm f/1.9 T.K.C Super Color Sygmar lens.  Shutter speeds are 1 – 1/400 and B, and it has a 5-blade leaf shutter.  It looks identical to this Windsor Deluxe. The shutter is cocked with the lever on the top of the lens, and there’s a self-timer lever […]